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Meine Wenigkeit mit Prof. Dr. Kathrin Möslein im IF-Forum.
Together with Prof. Dr. Kathrin Möslein giving a talk in the IF-Forum.

It is one of my goals in life to share my experience and the knowledge I accumulated and that sometimes took me a huge effort acquiring with others – especially with young persons. Consequently, I often let myself be invited to present speeches and be part of dialogues – both in the classic surrounding and in the form of sessions at barcamps and similar events.

Currently, you can book me for the following topics.

On “leadership“:

What exactly is – leadership in an enterprise?
Sub-title: “People in the enterprise – it is all about culture“

A short time ago, this was presented at AMOS (Allianz) in front of more than 50 internal project managers.

On “digitalization and/or digital change“:

What is often forgotten when people talk digitalization.

Sub-title: “Potential effects on society and humans“

Or alternatively:

Digital Transformation – Paradise or Hell?
Sub-title: “The brave new world from the perspective of the entrepreneur, IT pioneer, blogger, father and biker“

I will give this presentation at the DOAG yearly conference in Nuremberg in November, as well as for an SW agency I know well during a “meet-up”.

On “SW development“:

“How we followed the principle of SCRUM in 1984 – even though at the time SCRUM did not even exist.
Sub-title: “How to lead a software team – answer: you do not lead a software team”

Given for a few smaller SW enterprises/start-ups.

On “payment“:

“We do not want to work, we want to make money!“
Sub-title: “How to be courageous and reap joy and success“.

Presentation for start-ups and freelancer. Delivered a few days ago at the PMCAMP BERLIN (a true pleasure).


These presentations are just a snapshot – as of October, 12th, 2016. Of course, the content undergoes change all the time, because matters, too, change all the time these days.
Feel free to pick one.
My presentations are for free wherever they serve a good purpose (students, universities, non-profit associations and the like). Whenever I speak for a system that hopes for an added value through my presentation, I ask for remuneration that correlates with the expected added value.

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