Reply to Sigi’s Letter for PEACE

All he said is true!

A short time ago, I was permitted to publish Sigi’s article on PEACE in my IF Blog. Here is my reply:

Beide Fotos sind von der Enthüllung eines Denkmals (Erinnerung an 1.Weltkrieg, Schlacht in den Vogesen).
The picture shows a memorial at Altmannkopf in commemoration of the battle in the Vosges during WW-1.

Dear Sigi,

your introduction of the Hohenlinden 2000, along with your support of said club made a huge impression on me. I believe this is one way how it can actually be done!

Being an absolutely capitalist manager who certainly dealt with terms like achievement and meritocracy, profit and loss and – above all – efficiency, in fact, even having once in a while come to terms with “measurability”, I might now feel inclined to ask the “killer question”:

And what is the benefit of what you are doing? Will it prevent one single person from dying in a war or through some other arbitrary destruction, for instance like this morning on the streets near Kempten?

But this is absolutely the wrong question. That is another thing I learned during the past few weeks that were so very valuable for me. Just like I also learned that PEACE is actually not something you can measure and that it cannot be achieved by operative, strategic and normative thinking, aka “management”.

Incidentally, I also kissed the very human and very understandable foolish path of the successful manager and management good-bye outside my PEACE activities, because, as I see it, it will always only render sub-optimal results.

In my mental concept, the “Project PEACE” has been replaced by “ACTIVE for PEACE”. Based on a shared understanding of PEACE, everybody does exactly what he or she considers right and important. This is how everybody will become a peace protagonist. And those who believe what one or several protagonists do will help or support them as best they can. This might be one path in the direction of a “Swarm for PEACE”.

Keeping in mind, however, how much has been achieved during the past few months and how much I learned about PEACE during that time, I am sure that there will be even more clarity for all of us very soon and that we will come up with ever better ideas.

And there is one important thing we certainly already agree upon:

We want to act, rather than talk and we want to start with ourselves.

Isn’t that just wonderful?

Have a nice Sunday!


(Translated by EG)

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