Mind Splitting on Work IV – We All Have Only One Life!

We all have only one life!

There is a double meaning behind this sentence!


You only live once, so make the best of it by doing the right and nice things!


Beware of living two disjunctive lives, because one of them is the wrong life for you!

In this article, I want to discuss the second interpretation. I notice too often that people have a “private” appearance and a “business” appearance. Here is an example:

During my first years as counsellor, I closely cooperated with a project manager of our customer. We became friends. One day, he invited me and my wife home for dinner.

At work, my friend always wore the perfect suit and tie, while I mostly looked rather informal. I wanted to show my appreciation and wore the only suit I owned at the time, along with one of my very few ties.

As we rang the bell at his home, I was met with a true surprise. He welcomed us to his home wearing extremely informal attire; his jeans even had some holes. We both had to laugh out loud spontaneously.

The example shows in a harmless way how people project themselves totally differently at work and in their private lives. Often, this equals a strong masquerade. Actually, I keep seeing managers in their work time totally at variance with how I, later on, meet them privately. At times, I discover two totally different personalities inside one human being.

It seems to me that many people run through life with two masks: one official business mask and one unofficial, private mask. They play two roles throughout their entire lives. Just like the medal you see above has a front and a back side. Over time, they become split personalities.

I only want to live one life. Consequently, I try to be the same person at work as in my private life. Then work is true fun and the difference between work and leisure time disappears.

For some people, this might be a terrible idea. But isn’t that, again, a little “Work 2.0″,

(Translated by EG)

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