Five Weeks to Go until #PMCampDOR

pmcamp-logo-dornbirnLate in 2010, a small group of entrepreneurs, nearly all of whom incidentally were also bloggers, met. They shared an idea and wanted to try organizing a project management barcamp. They called it PM-Camp (PM short for project management). The persons involved were: Kornelia, Eberhard, Jens, Marcus, Stefan and yours truly.

It was our intention to host a free meeting of persons, entrepreneurs, leaders and all kinds of “managers” in order to exchange experience and knowledge beyond conferences and workshops. Totally democratic and at eye-level. With a good mixture of female and male, young and old. In 2011, also in November, we had the first PM Camp world-wide in Dornbirn.

Time went by in a hurry. In exactly five weeks, the fifth Dornbirn PM-Camp will start. That means we celebrate a jubilee! In fact, we are a little proud of it. We are also proud about a movement having sprung from the first PM Camp. It is now thriving in many European places with local PM Camps.

For all of you, it is now about time to order tickets. Otherwise you might end up empty-handed. Because PMCampDOR is definitely something like the mother of all PM Camps – where many wish to attend.

This time around, we chose the metaphor “breaking with patterns” as our impulse. Consequently, the hashtags are #PMCampDOR and #musterbrechen.

🙂 Maybe will become and will turn into … Because you never know what is going to happen on a PM Camp.

Naturally, the Dornbirn organizational team wants to celebrate the jubilee with a particularly nice and successful PM Camp. Consequently, we want to make it especially easy for our “newbies”, meaning those guests attending their first PM Camp or even their first barcamp to really get under way. So I now point out to you a series of articles I wrote as early as 2013/2014 – but it is certainly still up-to-date. In these articles, I am telling you what happens during a PM Camp.

Here are the links for the five articles:

My continuing education story – personality promotion, seminars, workshops barcamps

(how I first was introduced to the barcamp idea.)

barcamps und PM-Camp (2) – why they are such a success.
(because they are great fun and all participants are happy when they go home.)

barcamps und PM-Camp (3) – typology and sessionsbarcamps and PM-Camp (3) –

(what kinds of sessions are there?)

barcamps and PM-Camp (4) – Twittering is part of it .

(why PM Camps and social media complement each other so well.)

barcamps und PM-Camp (5) – rules

(on a barcmp, you can have freedom, because people behave socially responsible.)

Another article is a general one:

The Story of and guideline for a PM Camp

(and barcamps in general)

And for all of you – not just for the newbies – I would once again wish to point out our values as we summarized them in our guidelines.  You will also find them in document.

I am sure it will be useful for you to take a second look at these materials. And perhaps you have a few recommendations for change, modification, improvement? The #PMCampDOR will definitely be the right stage to discuss all those things.

And here is a short Video on PM-Camp.

- also in the name of the Dornbirn organizational team
(Translated by EG)

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