John von Neumann – Elegant but Overcharged?

Von wl
BKA Virus took over. Property has been confiscated.

The data are the program? Really ingenious, truly dangerous.
Here is my experience in a nutshell: while AVIRA professional was running, the BKA virus took command. I experienced live how the windows registry was overwritten and then there was the usual command by the virus… 100 € – or else no more access.

How is that possible?

What is the requirement for a chain of symbols, called virus, to gain the status “executable” on my PC? I will go so far as to come up with the following theory: program and data cannot be distinguished, because they have the same status. I go back and arrive at the Turing links which then became the pattern for the von-Neumann principles for computer construction.

I presume that this is where the errors originated. If every string can be advanced to program code by an interpreter, all doors are open for everything. In particular, the owner will be robbed of the right to property by some network criminals who were given the executive right by some crazy interpreter.

If you take a look at the technology of patches and patchworkers over the last few years, then you have to note they put civilization at risk. But they cannot avoid this, because the machines they have to work with do not permit other solutions – due to their flat data logic.

Assuming I had a free wish, I would wish for Post-Neumann machines that can guarantee the user the ownership of his rights on the PC. These machine principles probably already exist. If not: I have some blue—prints.

(Translated by EG)



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