brand eins in March

Last week, exactly one week ago, I again noticed that a month is over. The latest “brand eins“ copy was sitting in my letter box. While I enter the house, I already start reading:

Why don’t you move there!

That gives me pause. After all, during the 1960ies and later, I heard the following sentence more than often enough: “If you do not like it here, why don’t you move there”. Parents, teachers and other “persons who meant well but were not nice” spoke the words. It meant you were invited to go and live in the so-called SU zone, also known as “GDR in quotes”.

Just because we wanted to have a few things changed in our system…

And during the last fifty years, there was fundamental change, both politically and socially. Actually, I am not sure that all changes were what we had intended and also not all changes were good changes. But still, we should be happy about quite a lot that happened, even if we know that change will continue and there are still many things that need to change in the FRG.

As I approach our front door, my eyes fall on the

“Focal Point: Borders“

And again, I  “rest restlessly“. Basically, crossing borders is not such a bad idea, is it? This is true both for the physical borders – meaning space and time – and the psychological ones. So here we go.

Well, this time around we are dealing with a somewhat philosophically minded “brand eins” edition. It is all about a boundlessness that (of course) has nothing to do with freedom. Note the sentence by Frau Firscher that “a fallen border does not automatically mean you have free space for your thoughts“ (an insight gained from the GDR).

Here are a few more recommendations for the reader: I particularly liked “the power of the old gentlemen” starting at page 54. Some of what is written there reminded me of my trip to China in the autumn of 2012. And it is definitely not a bad idea to really know what the Federal Cartel Office actually does, (starting with page 82) is it? Of course, I found the “foul money“ (business history) particularly hilarious. Mind you, this is not only because I have been annoyed with the “Euro-Cent” coppery change for a long time now. Why don’t we just abolish it? They are another example for useless waste.

On the other hand, the “world of numbers” is not just such a good joke this time around. But it also gives us a little courage. The same is true for “Golden Times” (series: the future of the banks – part 2) on page 24.

It is nice to know that a good economy can afford to be so philosophical. After all, it proves a little that I may be right with my own belief that philosophy is an important thing to add to the characteristics of modern management.


(Translated by EG)


Incidentally, this is edition number 150 of “brand eins”. I am sure this is a number the “brand eins” team will be proud of!

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