We Wish You a Nice Time in Retirement, Annette!

Annette1Now more than 25 years have gone by since we founded Interface AG, and I can proudly announce that we now also have our first retiree! Annette is leaving us and starting here well-earned retirement.

For many ears, she wrote our communal software. Her customers included AKDB and her most famous project was called FINOPEN. Now she has reached pension age.

Or course, we used our last “Blue Friday” to give her a rally beautiful farewell.

Annette could not resist and delivered a wonderful and hilarious speech. Three things, so she said, had been important in her career: the task, the atmosphere in the company, and the money – and all three were met to her total satisfaction.

Annette2Then she continued by lifting everything off her InterFace bag that she had received from us over the years.

Her speech was so wonderfully sentimental that here and there a tear was seen creeping down a cheek. And as a farewell present, as is appropriate, we supplied her with a warm jacket and a watch for the time after her work life.

Many thinks, dear Annette, for working with us during all those years and best wishes for your future!

And whenever you have time, remember that we will always be glad to have you here and celebrate with us!


(Translated by EG)

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