Progress Report of IF AGORA

We are making some small progress with IF AGORA. The fact that progress comes so hesitantly is mainly my fault. Somehow or other, I do not seem to have enough time to properly promote IF AGORA. But I am sure matters will improve.

Regardless, new knowledge is coming in all the time. The last advertisement was by Dr. Tatjana Rosendorfer. She (not only) invites you to attend presentations and workshops where you learn important things about how to deal with money. She also knows what you can do when it is too late to avoid money problems.

Among other things, Tatjana studied domestic economy and has a lot of experience with „economic socialization“.
One of her important goals is to make people understand the connection between economical and social understanding. It is relevant whenever we are talking money.

To be sure, her expected customers are mainly families and small enterprises. But, basically, the systematics on a small scale is absolutely comparable with that on a huge scale. I think it would not be a bad idea if representives of our diverse governments and municipalities were to start an apprenticeship with Tatjana. It would have prevented quite a few budgets from suffering emptiness in the past  …

Here is the link to Dr. Tatjana Rosendorfer’s knowledge database  at IF AGORA!

(Translated by EG)

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