Weiße Taube auf blauem Grund, eine Variante der Friedenstaube: Seit den 1980er Jahren verbreitetes Symbol der westeuropäischen, vor allem der deutschen Friedensbewegung, entworfen im Kontext des Widerstands gegen den NATO-Doppelbeschluss.
White dove on blue background, a variation of the peace dove. This has been an established symbol of the Western European, and especially the German Peace Movement since the 1980ies. Originally, it was developed in the context of opposition against the NATO double track decision.

A short time ago, I was alarmed. A friend of mine told me he had heard I am no longer active in the project PEACE. He asked me if that was correct.

It seems that, in some way or other, I caused a misunderstanding with the last article of mine. Quite the opposite is true and rather important!

I am and will remain true to the idea of PEACE. In fact, in the future, I want to do even more for PEACE than ever before.

During the last few weeks, however, I learned a lot.

For instance, I no longer believe in the “project PEACE”. The term “project” implies “management”. And I mean management in the worst meaning of the word. And that is something I am actually ABSOLUTELY FED UP with! I also understand now that PEACE is not something you can just “manage until it appears” or “make it happen”. Just like the “crusade for PEACE” is nonsense. I will also gladly acknowledge the perhaps cynical but rather correct comment of my friend Dr. Jörg Rothermel after he had read my article:

“I seem to remember a proverb:
“Fighting for peace is like fucking for virginity“ …(by Dr. Jörg Rothermel on Facebook).
😛  What a nice metaphor from the 1960ies.

Aebby (Eberhard Huber) proposed to substitute “enterprise” for “project”. That is something I can easily agree with, especially if the “enterprise PEACE” is the sum of the individual effort of many persons, all of whom start their own “enterprise PEACE” and want to live “in PEACE”.

In other words:
I will now, first and foremost, focus on my own life and give it all my strength. I decided that I will no longer let negative things affect me and influence me. After all, the more things that frustrate me I do, the more frustration I collect, and then it seems unavoidable that said frustration will again have to find a way out – in the form of enmity in whatever form, which then again will frustrate other persons. And I think “living in PEACE” first and foremost means not to collect frustration inside and then having to hand it on.

I spent many years of my life believing that this is unavoidable. I thought you had to “eat crow” again and again and even act against your own values and needs, for instance in order to come to mutual agreements. I used to believe that this was an unavoidable part of both my private and my business life.

Now I notice that, indeed, I can avoid negative input that I have to vomit up later in order not to do damage to myself. When all is said and done, it is only a question of courage on my side.

To be sure, I will have to kiss quite a few fixed patterns good-bye and change things I have become used to. Luckily, however, my first experiences on this path are rather sensationally positive, at least that is how I perceive them. Consequently, I will continue to practice.

I learned all this during many discussion, especially (but not exclusively) with Jolly. And it makes me happy.

So here are both my old and my new message: 

Whenever people want to live in PEACE and, for instance, send messages that promote PEACE, then I will be part of this. If and when Carmen makes a sensational film “PEACE”, then I will, of course, be part of it. Just like I will gladly join Gudrun wherever she lives “PEACE” in her own way.

This is also true for Aebby who moves so much in beautiful multi-dimensionality and for Wolf who keeps embedding PEACE in his great and beautiful media/internet work and for Daniel whenever he draws pictures for PEACE. And, if possible, for all those who want PEACE, as long as I enjoy it and my strength is enough.

And it will be my special pleasure to keep inviting you to be a part of the wonderful and important dialogues with experts and especially with Jolly on PEACE.

(Translated by EG)

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