Not Uncertain Times but Stupid Times

Security and Data Storage

Now I have been back from Cuba for a few days and also started “Audio” listening again. I came across a Man who has an arch-angel’s name. One of those politicians/functionaries who never worked anywhere except education, unions, party, politics, schools or universities – if you discount his time as SaZ2 in an airborne unit of the German Armed Forces and a secondary job as a night porter in a hotel in Göttingen when he was a student.
I heard him saying:

“And as I see it, we are currently experiencing that the world has become a rather dangerous place and that the threats are imported to us from other parts of the world.”

StopThis annoyed me, because it is utter nonsense. All you have to do is take a history book, such as Die Verwandlung der Zeit by Osterhammel and do a little reading. And then you will know how dangerous life was in former times.

Or you can make it even less complicated – by just thinking. The most dangerous hazard in Germany and world-wide (with the exception of household and work-place accidents) is perhaps our participation in individualized traffic. For instance, the World Health Organization (WHO) estimates around 1.2 million fatal traffic accidents round the globe. In Germany, the fatal accidents were drastically reduced in the last decades. We “only” have about ten each day.

Deceases, too, did not really get more dangerous in Germany and the world. Regardless of bird flu, Ebola and currently again the measles.

😉 I also cannot see what hazards we import. Actually, to me it seems more like we (the FRG) are exporting dangerous material.

vorratsdatenspeicherungOn the other hand, it is also possible that this sentence was just something thoughtlessly uttered. This would be even more annoying, because the politician takes this thoughtless blabbering as a justification for demanding data storage!

He does this regardless of the fact that the experts I know all believe that data storage will take us another step closer to total control (totalen Überwachung). Incidentally, this is also what Sascha Lobo, writes in the Spiegel. And he is no less than the person speaking on the IT summit organized by our Federal Chancellor.

Incidentally, the man I mean is Sigmar Gabriel. He is the Federal Minister for Economy and Energy, the designated substitute for our Federal Chancellor and SPD party director (!).

Shortly after demanding data storage, he started his Trip to Moscow (Reise ins gefährliche Moskau), where he is meeting old friends. And what friends.

So who is surprised at hearing that the wise German voters no longer want to give their vote to the SPD and that the just as wise young German voters no longer go to the elections at all?

And those are the times when I wish I had stayed in Cuba.

(Translated by EG)

The picture is from “Stoppt die Vorratsdatenspeicherung!“.

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