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On the Road again.

StrasseStarting today, I take a timeout. I am now sitting in the “red VW minibus” as the only man among four women. Barbara (spouse), Sophie (older daughter), Maresa (younger daughter) and Leoni (friend of Maresa) make up the rest of the team. Barbara does the driving, I do the writing.

We are heading for Venice. Tonight, we are going to board the Levka Ori, a really huge ferry of Anek Lines. It will take us to Patras.

During the next three weeks, my headquarters will be a tent, south of Githeo, directly on the ocean. I will jump into the water every day, ride my bike into the mountains and write in my MacBook. This time, I will report very little by way of a travel journal. Instead, I will write an “Entrepreneur’s Diary”.

An enterprise is a socio-economic system. Entrepreneurs are people who found an enterprise, then promote it and develop it further. I am fascinated both by enterprises and entrepreneurs. I hope that I am a little bit of an entrepreneur myself. That is why I want to write down my own personal experiences and discoveries of the last 30 years in my “Entrepreneur’s Diary”.

I am going to come up with different models and underline them with images and metaphors. And I will include plenty of examples in order to illustrate what I want to say. Incidentally, that is all examples are good for.

My subject-matters will include:

Accounting and reports, budgeting and business plans, elevator speech, financing banks, seed or venture capital, leadership, principles, key data, branding, opacity, planning, shareholder value, shareholders and stakeholders, strategy and strategic thinking, USP (Unique Selling Proposition), sales, growth, business goals, potential markets, …

I will tell you about basic considerations every enterprise is concerned with on a daily basis: “Are we offering a service or a product?”, “service offering design” and “which are the best market channels?”. These are the kinds of questions and entrepreneur has to deal with. Often, the answers are hard or impossible to give, because there is no such thing as a “simple entrepreneurial truth”
On the whole, I want to relate my ideas on entrepreneurial concepts in the form of many short articles. Like small mosaic stones, I want the articles as a whole to represent entrepreneurship. I wonder how that will turn out in the end
I will start with a series of USP’s (unique selling propositions). All enterprises look for their USP – and mostly never find it. Blessed is he who has one.

And as a reward, the faithful reader will (hopefully) find a beautiful holiday picture of the Peloponnesian land, ocean and sun attached to every article.

(Translated by EG)

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