Messages and Metaphors/ Christmas 2.0

For Love and Peace.
For Honouring and Appreciating the Entire Creation

Yesterday, Willy Michl played and sang the Christmas message for us in the Lustspielhaus. With his inbred passion, he pleaded for

“respect, honour and love!“
And he demanded “peace forever”. As every year, I rather liked it. Consequently, the concert of the first Christmas Holiday was probably my personal Christmas highlight.

Willy Michl im Lustspielhaus zu München (2011 - fotografiert von Rolo Zollner)
Willy Michl im Lustspielhaus zu München (Willy Michl at the Munich Lustspielhaus (2011 – photo by Rolo Zollner))

A short time ago, I discussed in a community how you could best promote a free movement without the danger of the movement becoming a systemic institution. One of the persons involved in the discussion said you had to follow the motto:

“lead, follow or get out of the way!“
That reminds me too much of how the army thinks, which means I do not like it.

However, I also have to think of what it says in huge letters at the rear end of the gigantic space cruiser in Mel Brooks’ Spaceballs

“We brake for nobody!“
That, too, is a clear statement – one that is not at all in accordance with my opinion! I don’t like it.

Here is what I like a lot better:
“Love it, change it or leave it!“
In my book that is a good motto. My positive attitude towards and my respect for the deserter alone suffice to make me favour it.

A year ago, we had arrived at a tight spot during a meeting. In order to solve the problem, Heiko (Bartlog – a friend) got up and wrote the three “t-s” on the board.
Trust – Transparency – Team
This is what it is all about. Mind you, I would have preferred to read the German “Vertrauen”, rather than “trust”. But that would have turned TTT into VTT, which would have been detrimental for the alliteration.

What I hate yet what is constantly done is:
“Murder – Robbery – Arson!“

The sequence certainly makes sense: first you kill the people, then you steal their possessions and then you burn down there houses. But shouldn’t this now belong in the past?

No less atrocious is:
“Killing – Torture – Rape!“
Even today, it is used more and more often – of course when fighting for a good cause. How can anybody be in favour of this method? I do not understand how you can be anything other than a pacifist! After all, it is common knowledge that everybody who fights against something will eventually fail. This is why I honour, respect and love pacifists. Just like Willy honoured his brother Konstantin (Wecker) in the concert.

For instance, I would certainly have voted against the re-armament of the BRD and the re-establishment of the arms industry if I had been old enough at the time. Today, I admire John Lennon and have been admiring him for many years. And I am in favour of

“give peace a chance!“
“all you need is love!“.

Incidentally, I have no problem with the “denglish”. After all, many French terms have found their way into Bavaria more than a hundred years ago. It was in the wake of another “small globalization”. And the mixture of languages is basically one of the positive consequences of the “great globalization”. And why should I be in favour of “purity of language”? After all, doing calculations is on the decline and so will reading and writing soon be. So why should not the very formal and complicated languages, too, change?

Now there are two holidays left for me to determine what I wanted to say with this article. Today, I believe that it is a very new and yet a very old appeal in favour of consideration, appreciation, eye-level, togetherness, openness, respect, transparency, ratio, trust and values. I would like to communicate with all persons on this level. And I would like to tell everybody that love and peace, just like giving honour and appreciation to the entire creation, are the most important things.

During the last year, the time spent with persons who think like me was the time I enjoyed most. It was really wonderful. I would like to do the same in 2016!

Also, I would like to hand on a most genial wish sent to me and other friends of his by my dear Aebby (Eberhard Huberr).

It truly delighted me:

“May you meet many persons who radiate hope, instead of fear and resentment!“

Because I love you!

I can afford to write this, because I simply follow my new favourite sentence:

”Fuck Must!“
(Many thanks to Nadja and Stefan!)

(inspired by the Christmas concert of the “Sound of Thunder“ of December, 25th, 2015 in the Schwabing Lustspielhaus. Like yours truly, it is now in its 66th winter and I have been honouring and appreciating it for more than 40 years).
(Translated by EG)

The picture was taken by my brother Rolo Zollner, who now has created his wigwam in Burghausen. It is under Common Licence, which means you may feel free to use it if you quote the source and say that Rolo was the photographer.

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