Mental Crisis on Sunday

To Blog Or Not To Blog? Here are some doubts expressed by a blogger …

The weather is great as I look out of the window, I am sitting on a house boat and travelling through a fantastic Finnish summer. Again and again, I have my doubts about whether or not it makes sense to write the IF blog. Especially if the weather is like today. And even more so today, because tomorrow is my birthday.

I have now been writing blogs for more than three years. Consequently, I – since I, too, am one of those persons who are (too) brain controlled – will now try to find pros and cons and balance them against each other. What can you say against me blogging and what in favour of it?


  • I enjoy it.
  • It is active behaviour.
  • I meet people who immensely enrich my life.
  • Otherwise, there are also many contacts, for instance leading up to meetings or activities, such as presentations.
  • I form an opinion and practice making good sentences out of them. That is also helpful in other areas of life.
  • and are the basis of my internet presence and part of my business.
  • It would be a pity to terminate it.


  • It consumes time. To be sure, there are articles I manage to write in a few minutes.
  • But some articles, especially the reports on presentations, really take up a lot of time.
  • Especially during the weekends, I prepare many articles for the next week. That is a strain on my leisure time.
  • Maybe I sometimes write too openly about myself. That might have negative consequences. Maybe some federal agencies already started observing me critically?
  • What possible consequences might that have for me personally (economically, socially, politically)?
  • I might even be totally misunderstood. Perhaps some people think of me as a radical and embittered dogmatist, while I see myself as an enlightened person who accepts life as it is?

So what to do?

After all, it is my goal in life to unfold my own life, as well as other people’s lives in as many dimensions as possible. My own life? Yes, because only if I manage to do that, I will be able to contribute towards the unfolding of other people’s lives.

And if my blog and my other internet activities can have a positive effect, I will continue with them. Besides – when all is said and done, I first and foremost write for myself.

(Translated by EG)

I am absolutely aware that the „meaning of life“ is more than (just) twittering and blogging. But still, it is something terrific.

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