Help! I Am A Toyota Partner! At Least in the Transitive Sense :-)

Some of my family love the Alps even more than others. For them, mountaineering and rock climbing are the absolute happiness in the world. The more privations there are to a tour, the better. No sacrifice is too big. For a long tour, they even get up at 5 a.m. or earlier on a Sunday morning, which would be a true horror for me.

Our Alpine disciples decided some time ago to join the Alpine Association (Alpenverein). Allegedly, it has many advantages. You get a discount if you spend the night in one of the Spartan Alpine Association cottages. In the commercial rock climbing halls (a new variant of the fitness studio) – they truly spread like mushrooms in a warm summer – you also enjoy price reductions.

So we got a family membership at the Alpine Association. And now my briefcase contains – among an endless number of plastic cards – the green (!) membership card of the Alpine Association.

Since I also enjoy riding my bike through the mountains if the weather is fine and since I thought the Alpine Association might fit well into my concept of environment-friendly behaviour, it seemed a good idea. Now I pay membership fees for two chess clubs, several sports clubs, the Alpine Association and several other institutions.
I am not really over-enthusiastic about the Alpine Association. Now we get an extra magazine the cover page of which reminds me of Motorwelt (the newspaper of ADAC) in an unpleasant way. But what am I to do?

Now I am really upset! The Alpine Association has started a  cooperation (Kooperation) with Toyota. In a way, this Alpine Association behaves like a prostitute.

Incidentally, I do not like mountain climbers who meet at the end of the toll road on the parking place with their SUVs. Or who drive through the city in their cars in order to get to the climbing hall.

#If you have to use the car, you should at least organize car pools. And I suppose the hybrid vehicles of Toyota will maximize the CO2 footprint of their users, instead of minimizing it.

In my book, love of nature also has something to do with environmental conscience. I wonder if I should annul my Alpine Association membership. Like I did with my ADAC membership when I was younger. There was a time in my life when I believed an ADAC membership is a “must” for every man.

It seems the modern Alpine Association fits quite well with the ADAC, after all. Even though, basically, it should be located nearer to the ADFC. I am not yet a member.

Perhaps I will try some day. It can hardly get a lot worse than it already is, can it? But now the ADFC just demanded that 500 watts for pedelecs should be allowed. Apparently, they cooperate with the producers of electronic bikes. Chances are that the ADFC will soon be named ADEFC. So, again, it will not be the right thing for me.

(Translated by EG)

All Idiota – or what?

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