Extralegal Sphere?

After listening to what our Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel said, I once more had to start thinking. She spoke in favour of reserve data storage and a visa warning file. Besides, there must not be any extralegal spheres – which should also be true for the internet.

„Fighting child pornography has top priority”. The same is true for fighting terrorism (package bombs from Jemen).

Package bombs in particular caused ample adrenaline being pumped into the state body. The word child pornography alone will suffice for most of us to make our blood pressure climb. It is one of the most atrocious crimes. After all, nobody can contradict the reasoning.

To be sure, we need a functionable and strong state. We all want safety. But will reserve data storage and internet control do any good in this respect? A survey of the German criminal statistics of 2009 showed that reserve data storage does not improve the quota of crimes solved. Will an internet control really prevent thoroughly planned assassination attempts?

In my opinion, our current observation system is more than enough. It is not a nice idea for me to think that, while I am writing this article, the catch words will bring federal investigators to door tomorrow!

Or is it just that I am worried without reason?

(Translated by EG)

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