“Healthy Scepticism?” or “All Polemics and Heretic!”

🙂 Here is a provocative and consciously made selection of some polemic statements against growth (and also against never-ending technological advance, at least as it happened in the past)!

Is it really necessary that  …

– you must have your own small house on wheels in order to get from Giesing to Haching and
– in order to transport 65 kilograms of woman or 85 kilograms of man you use machines that weigh 1.5 tons?
– our modern human sacrifices are mostly made on the altar of traffic?
– there is no really tranquil place left anywhere and
– many people feel extremely molested by traffic noise, yet believe they cannot live without a car?
– a car without air-conditioning is a “no go”?
– people enjoy themselves especially if they use up a maximum of energy?
– unlimited mobility is considered a basic right?
– the place/time discrepancy must disappear?
– our wardrobes almost flow over with uncountable shirts, t-shirts, trousers and suits?
– you have to eat strawberries in winter and mushrooms in spring?
– you cannot get anything without plastic wrappings and
– more and more rubbish is produced in the households every year?
– all rooms must have a temperature of at least 21 degrees in winter and a maximum of 21 degrees in summer?
– a person living in the middle of Europe uses up an unlimited amount of water?
– most people suffer from lack of physical activity and
– more than half of the people living in the technically advanced countries are obese?
– more and more people get psychologically ill and the consequences of this is more and more shocking for us?
– in Germany, medicine costs more than the doctors?
– you are available at all times and in all places (and that is how it should be) and you get restless if, for a change, you are not available?

What remains in the end is scepticism about growth and technology really being the “universal remedy”.

Even if I am repeating myself in saying so:

Wouldn’t it be nice if individual persons were to remember their actual basic needs a little better, and act accordingly? And how about us collectively making our decisions more in harmony with ethically responsible weighing of priorities based on human values and common sense?

Not to mention us having to stop following the consumption decree of a modern advertising and profit economy which – when all is said and done – is doing us more harm than good.

In real life, it is probably especially true that less is more, slower is faster and doing things the plain (old-fashioned?) way is more effective.

(Translated byEG)

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