20150923_120134_resizedThe mountain was in labour and brought to life a new word: DIESELGATE!

The German stock plummets, a managing director who was considered sacrosanct fell. In all magazines and media, you can read about it. You get the impression that something really bad must have happened to the German economy.

As I see it, this is true. Except that, so far, I read nowhere about the aspect I mean. Consequently, I will write about Diesel-Gate, because it seems to me that, again, a barrier was pulled down.

Mind you, it is not like I would not have put it beyond the automobile sector that they are capable of this kind of fraud. In fact, I no longer trust any sector. We know what banks do. In the pharmaceutical industry, you constantly get medicine that, at the time it is officially permitted onto the market, is certified to have a great healing effect and no side-effects to speak of. And later you find out that the exact opposite is true.

It is well-known that oil enterprises have very dirty hands. We also know that the food industry is no better. And even I know that my own sector, the IT, is not clean, either. Just remember with how much love spams and viruses are protected, just in order to sell servers and other hardware that is used for total nonsense.

No, the fact that the industry in general not only controls and misuses politics through lobbyism, that it manipulates through advertising and that it also is fraudulent once in a while is something everyone knows. For me, that would not be a reason to write this article.

However, as I see this case of “manipulation” with the software, a threshold was crossed in this case. I put the term “manipulation” between quotes because it actually was no manipulation. Instead, it was a very goal-oriented development – I am sure it was specified in the to-do-list and they also determined test methods for the “V-Model” or similiar.

No. What we are talking here is fraud functions voluntarily implemented into the professional control software. With the goal of deceiving another technology in order to fake something that is technologically not possible at this time.

Some way or other, I used to believe that there is a digital extension of analogous honesty. I trusted that control software of mechatronic (analogous-digital) systems will not be used for fraud. Now this trust has been categorically abused.

Consequently, the new dishonesty has now reached a dimension I had so far not registered, even in the software industry. And now my – perhaps naïve – trust in technologic-digital technology is gone.

(Translated by EG)

Incidentally, this event is also an additional reason why one should massively demand the laying-open of all software.

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