“Comment by Stefan!” or “The Future?”

Each morning as I read the newspaper, I am surprised at what rubbish our political elite talks, not to mention what they plan or even make into law. And all the time I sadly miss even a hint of “social alternative draft” in the political dispute.

Luckily, there is still the internet. This is where I find like-minded individuals. I sometimes develop a feeling of “psychological closeness” to people I have never even met face-to-face. As a general rule, these people are not weirdoes, but persons who made both their private and professional life quite a success. They also have a strong impact on their environment.

One of them is Stefan Hagen, who I even have had the pleasure of meeting face-to-face. He writes in his PM-Blog. Today, I just “had” to write a comment on his latest article:


Dear Stefan,

I absolutely concur with your (cautious) assessment. The requirements you list for future behaviour meet my full approval. There is just a small addition I would like to risk:The readiness to relinquish individually what we have come to enjoy and to take (not only social) responsibility will be absolutely necessary for a humane future.

It is the only way for us to add quality to both our own and other people’s personal lives, rather than take it away. This is what I consider fundamental for a free society that promotes the individual chance to live “happily” in a sensible social system.

How about questioning all those allegedly certain facts offered us in a daily basis as self-evident messages? How about working on a new social concept? To me, this seems to be the most evident deficit of our social and political development!

Thanks and best regards!


Here is the entire post by Stefan Hagen in his PM-Blog. Against my normal custom, I copy it here so all link-haters can read it!


Simplify your Projects!

The Only Thing That is Certain is That Nothing Will Be Certainist.

The Only Thing That is Certain is That Nothing Will Be Certain.

What lies ahead? Nobody can know, because the future has not yet happened. But one thing is certain: the times of stability, security and predictability are over. Everything will be faster, more dynamic, more complex, and therefore also often more risky.

The social, ecological and economical challenges of the next few years and decades will be enormous. They will necessitate a far more intense collaboration between states, national economies, organizations and individuals. „Collaborative competence” will become a key to success.

No matter if you call it project management, team organization, or self-organization: we will have to considerably optimize the way in which we bring together (i.e. organize) the various competences and attitudes in sensible solutions. Accordingly, project management, too, will have to come up with a new concept and partly a new definition. Agile methods, system theory and cybernetics, or even virtual networks, are just the beginning.

There is an excellent TED-presentation by Dr. Ian Goldin titled: „Navigating our global future“. It gives you an idea what we might be facing.

Thanks to Stefan!

(Translated by EG)

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