“Ars Construendi Vexilla“ for IF-AGORA.de

I am truly happy that so many people reply with encouragement, both to my idea and the offers so far at the IF AGORA.

Considering that I, up to now, only worked on IF AGORA when I found time, quasi as a private hobby, I am quite content with the results.

There have also been some really nice agreements for presentations. That gives me courage. Consequently, I now want to really make a head-start with IF AGORA.

For a serious start, however, you need people who get active in favour of it, i.e. who work for it. And part of working is earning money.
Consequently, the goal of IF AGORA should be to make enough money for those people who work for its success to actually be able to live off it.

That necessitates investment. However, I only want to invest if there is also a concept for our success.

That is usually called a plan, a strategy, or a business concept. The important thing is ad added value – which you offer – and a method of making this added value known to the public.

All this is based on additional insight. Insight can best be gained if people with a lot of knowledge and experience meet and discuss the topic led by a moderator..

One method I often used with huge success is the “ars construendi vexilla“ (Fahnenbildung). Feel free to read about my personal experience with this method in the article  I wrote in this blog.

Consequently, we will do a seminar for the IF AGORA on Thursday, January, 26th at the Unterchaching InterFace building. After his presentation on “The Art of Negative Thinking” on the preceding evening, Dr. Klaus-Jürgen Grün will act as moderator. And many friends, both from near and far, will come in order to work with us.

Many thanks to all of you!

Roland Dürre (RMD)
(Translated by EG)

If any of you wish to come, I am sure we can accommodate him or her. We will start at 10 a.m. – meeting in order to get acquainted in the seminar zone from 9 a.m.

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