AGORA – The Values (6)

Now you can read what values IF AGORA believes in!

Transparency, trust and discretion

Those are the three values which are particularly important to me at IF AGORA.

The idea, the foundation process and the business plan have all been made public by me. All interested parties, future customers and partner may and should know my concept and plan.

🙂 A business plan in the antiquated sense, consisting of an excel sheet with many numbers on it based on business goals taken from the tea leaves is something we neither have nor need.

This practiced transparency inspired quite a few comments. I gladly took them up. One question, however, was:

Hey, you sound like you are planning an “Amazon” of knowledge! Isn’t it a little careless to publish such a business idea?

Well, I think not. So far, I found no competition. And if there is someone who copies me with the right values and a good network, then I will be delighted. And I will ask him to merge with me. Like sometimes two big raindrops merge into one even bigger raindrop as they flow down the window pane.

I know that our partners and customers treat everyone fairly. Consequently, we at IF AGORA will link all brain workers and make them available for direct customer contact as fast as possible. We also will refrain from drawing up exclusive or other adhesion contracts.

Of course, there will also be a direct link to all partners in organization.

Learning is a matter of trust. And it is clear that we all have to keep learning all the time. But who among us likes to admit how little he knows? Or that he looks for excellent mentoring on a central theme? Simply because he wants to get even better?

We guarantee absolute discretion. We will not talk numbers or customers.


In my opinion, it is hard to structure a modern enterprise without giving it meaning. That is why the business meaning of IF AGORA is very important to me. It has priority over profit.  Especially as far as the market place and the network are concerned, I would be happy if all the money flowing in would just cover all the money going out, including a modest safety belt.

As to the rest, we want partnership, common sense and the KISS principle in all its variants (see my artikcle) to dominate the IF AGORA partnership. Read more on this in my next article: development of IF AGORA.

How the enterprise is supposed to work.

(Translated by EG)

Here are the links to all IF AGORA articles so far:

AGORA (1) – der Start (The Beginning),  AGORA (2) – das Netzwerk (The Network), AGORA (3) – Empirismus&Neuland (Empirism&Virgin Soil), AGORA (4) –  das Geschäftsmodell (The Business Model) and AGORA (5), die Partner (The Partners).

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