Desert Tec #19: Solar Energy, Realty, Marriage – Riester Legislation

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Today, I had another discussion with friends who feel desperate about the stability of our currency. One function of money is to transport values into the future – and by now, the future is “Greek”.

Wise people discovered this a long time ago and therefore came up with their own Solar Riester concept. In this case, the winner is the German Michael directly, instead of around the detour of political distribution. We are talking twenty years of secure retirement money for the capital you invested and no government can abolish its debt with just a stroke of the pen – as the Greeks already show us.

Mind you, I believe you should calculate with no more than ten years of uninhibited money flow and also with some cuts in contracts already valid. The social pressure will increase, which is in accordance with the concept of an Augsburg enterprise: “I cannot make money with my roof and let the people living under it pay the price, can I?”

Of course, you should buy realty without using the Riester legislation, because otherwise they are truly immobile and cannot even be exchanged for the flat you will need when you enter the third phase of your life, because it is more suitable for senior citizens.

But the true winner is the marriage Riester concept. “Investments” into your shared future with children, hiking tours, evenings to play, shared visits to the cinema, taking responsibility for others and also letting others take responsibility for you – ethics, no gold in the safe because you were scared, no cat gold on the raw material market.

Time for your partner, time to ponder on your own development and to think about what others discovered about you.

I wrote a small book on meditation: “How to lengthen time“. I think this is the true meaning of the Riester legislation: to fill the time you have anyway with the sort of careful life that makes sense.

(Translated by EG)



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