Jesus: The Positioning of an Offensive Brand: Jesus

Von six

When Jesus appeared and wanted to create a new religion, the market was overflowing already. There were Gods to spare. So how was he to position himself?

In those days, the deity market was a perfect communication cartel. They all promised the same: I am the most powerful God. Even though there were more or less bloodthirsty varieties caused by the differences in public spirit and social development, it looked a lot like the Gods had all assembled at a round table and mutually agreed upon how to appear on the market (see also my posting on communication cartels in positioning). So what was left for Jesus to do.

Jesus broke the communication cartel with a totally innovative idea: Love your Neighbour. While the old deities promised: If you do what we say, we will give you happiness his story was: You will be happy if you love your neighbour like yourself. He could not have marked himself off more clearly – and that is, after all, what positioning is all about. That should teach us that aggressive brands do not directly attack the enemy. Rather, they fight the communication cartel, i.e. the laws of the market that have been growing over many years. (in this case even centuries). That is how it works. There is no other way.

If you hear this, then the market is “out-positioned” and it is about time for something new – for an attacking brand.

(Translated by EG)

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