What Electric Device is the Most Reasonable one in My Household?

Sometimes, I really come up with strange ideas.

For instance, one evening, I start wondering which of the many electronic devices in our household is the most useful. And I try to determine which of them I actually really need.
Well, the ironing machine seems to make some sense. But then, I could also let my shirts be cleaned by a professional service. The shoe-shine machine, the electric tin opener, the electric coffee mill and the huge beer tin cooling/dispensing head cannot be among the number. After all, those were the devices that – along with some others and the electric Christmas candles – were thrown away when we moved.

The fridge certainly makes more sense when it comes to cooling beer. But then, I could also drink my beer in one of the numerous pubs situated around our house – where I would have company at all times.

On the other hand, there is still a small cool box. However, it is no longer as full as it used to be, because I prefer eating fresh food. And I try to make a general rule of eating less. Besides, the children are almost all out of the house. Consequently, I do not find it a good idea to store food. It constantly puts me under the obligation to control how long they can be kept and then I need to eat what will soon be past its “best before” date.

This is where our integrated water shaker and cooler comes in. It is a great thing and was the pride of the entire family for a long time. But now it has been out of working order for more than two weeks – because the “Grohe” company no longer replies as fast as they used to – and what do we notice? – You can do without. Because you can actually also drink your water directly from the tub.

Let us remain in the kitchen. We have the cooktop (induction with virtual cooking field) and the stove, the steamer with water supply, the dishwasher and the bread cutting machine, the ESGE miracle rod, the food processor(s), the electric lemon and orange squeezer, the grain mill, the cream whipping machine – they are all electric. And in our basement, we also have a microwave.

Back to soft drinks. The electric coffee machine is used a lot. I really enjoy my coffee and (probably) too much of it, too. But still, I cannot say I really need this machine badly. After all, you can easily cook Arabian coffee in the pan, can’t you? I still have a filter for the coffee pot, a coffee stamp and a small Italian espresso machine which, like the two old coffee mills, actually work totally without electricity.

The yoghurt device is sitting among the flea market things. I really do not need it. I do not like using the vacuum cleaner, because it is rather noisy. I prefer disposing of the dirt on the ground with my broom and shovel. In our household, wall-to-wall carpeting is a “no-go” and carpets belong in the fresh air, where they need whipping, rather than vacuuming. The electric razor is just for emergencies, because I prefer shaving wet. To make up for it, I rather appreciate the electric toothbrush. But do I really need it?

Suddenly, I remember something very important – my laptops, tablets, the router and the printer! And not to forget: the small electronic device that produces the “Tans” for bank transfers. All these things seem to be absolutely essential for life, regardless of the fact that once there was a time when we lived without. In those days, we had telephones, radios and TV sets – all of which we still have, but in several rooms at the same time. Apart from the fact that, today, they are more like huge tablets which can also be used for watching TV. And basically, I no longer watch a lot of TV. In fact, I prefer listening to the radio. Or else I use the sound system, which I really enjoy.

We also have another beautifully exotic device: the electric ice machine. Barbara sometimes uses it in order to make particularly tasty ice cream (cinnamon or mango, because our son brings those fruits back from India). But this, too, happens far from often. In fact, it happens almost as seldom as me setting up and letting run my electric toy railway in the basement (never). But then, this is something I keep for my grandchildren (despite modern children having no inclination at all to play railway – after all, they have computers).

There is also an electric drill in the basement. We actually used it when we moved. Even though I once learned that the average time of usage for a German drill can be counted in minutes. Diverse electric saws, glue-pistol and more similar do-it-yourself equipment can also be found in my basement. It makes me think of “shared economy”. And immediately, I think of the house technology (heating, solar energy for heating water, and photovoltaic), all of which are, naturally, also electric devices. Mind you, it is quite reasonable to use “solar” energy.

But then, what is truly the most important electric device in our household? The electric clocks cannot be the solution, because the problem might easily be solved mechanically. Perhaps the lawn mower, because it keeps me from having to perspire. But then, this, too, is something they solved differently in former times – just look at the scythe, which is a word you hardly even know today. And then, is it not “out” to be kept from perspiring.

The electric gate could just as easily be worked manually. Electric bikes – so-called e-bikes – are something I, luckily, do not yet have. Otherwise I would be burdened with all the maintenance and uploading. To make up for it, I have several bike computers (one per bike) and two GPS systems – well, they, too, are electric systems, aren’t they? And I also have a video supported supervision system in order to discourage bike theft. This is in order to have the evil thief filmed while he does his robbing.

Lamps, too, are electric – and quite basic – devices. Especially in the evening, it is rather nice to have light.

🙂 Suddenly, I remember the shoe horn. It is a truly wonderful device and I used it every morning – but then, it is not an electric device. Maybe we have an idea for a start-up here?
Isn’t it just scary how many electric motors work – or rather do not work – in our homes? As I think back, I seem to remember that, in the year 1950, when I was born, we had “ZERO” electric motors in our household. And speaking of electric devices, the only ones that come to mind in those days are the lamps and the radio.

🙂 But then, you have to take into account that I am a leftover from the last millennium.

So here comes the quintessence: do we really need all those things? I will soon take a closer look at all the pairs of shoes I own and for what purpose I use them. Or even better: all the things I buy although I do not really need them…

Barbara is looking over my shoulder and she has a spontaneous idea: the washing machine! Accepted with gratitude.

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