What Annoys Me … #21 Child Abuse

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At regular intervals, you can read in the media about child abuse by catholic priests. For example this morning at Radiowelt on Bayern 2. They reported about a particularly spectacular case. The lady concerned apparently is now to get an audience in Rome.

And at regular intervals, I get annoyed. All this informtion, reports, criticism. And all these stories about the unhappy victims. Everyone pretends to be appalled and disgusted. The church promises to do better in the future.


Humans will be humans and men will be men. And they just do have something like a sexual appetite. And as long as the drive is forced to be suppressed by the celibacy (Zölibat) and as long as a sexual theory stigmatizes sexual intercourse and onanism as sinful, the drives of the men concerned (and probably also of the women concerned) will always break taboos in some way or other. And there will always be other than the “normal ways“ of doing so.


As I see it, the abuse of children in the catholic church is systemically unavoidable. Basically, it is caused by the celibacy and an absurd and perverse moral code. If the church really wished to improve the situation, they would have to abolish celibacy.

But this is an area where they are more than deaf. That is why every promise to improve the situation is nothing but lip-service. Probably we are looking at deliberate lies.

So here is what I ask of the media:

Even if you think you need the reports of those who have fallen victim to the catholic clergy in order to keep up your circulation, please do not forget to think of the future victims. And then what you should do is use every article in which you report about a victim for reminding everyone that the celibacy and the perverse catholic sexual codes are the reason!
Otherwise this madness will never end!

(Translated by EG)

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