What Annoys Me … #15 Advertising Cards on the “Süddeutsche Zeitung“

Well, today is another one of the grumpy days!

This is today’s AZ. Our huge family reads SZ and AZ. We have a permanent subscription for the SZ, and sometimes read AZ. To be precise: we subscribe whenever I fall for the charming invitations of a female newspaper agent.

Once in several weeks, sometimes more often, sometimes less often, there is a postcard on one of these two newspapers. As a general rule, this postcard is glued to the upper half of page one with three strips.

It is then my work as customer to remove this card, which takes a lot of caution and patience. Sometimes I cannot do it without damaging the paper.

Especially when it is hot in summer, or if the newspaper has been subjected to great pressure, damage will be done – on pages one and two.

Sometimes I can manage better, sometimes worse, depending on what kind of day it is for me.

Is it really necessary that I, as customer, have to come up with a strategy for removing things on a totally new product?

Well, we are talking the newspaper agency deliberately damaging my newspaper by glueing a postcard onto it. And then I have to make the best of it!

Now the kind reader might counter that, in case of the AZ, the damage is certainly not very huge, because most of the paper is redundant. To be sure, that is true. But the glued card comes even more often with the SZ – and then it is even more annoying.

If I, again, do some nagging, then it is because of too many advertisements in the daily newspapers. Currently, I get most of it twice. But that is my own mistake.

Mea culpa.


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