UTB PALERMO #2 Our Arrival at the First Goal

We managed to reach our first small sub-goal. Travelling here went according to plan, we are now in Salerno, at the hotel FIORENZA. It is a beautiful hotel with perfect WLAN. For free. Like it is free all over Salerno.

And since the best about a vacation are the pictures you take, I will now refrain from reporting too much and instead show you a few of my latest photographs.

On the first picture, you see the arrival of our night train at Rome.

We arrived in Rome on time shortly before 9 a.m. Since there was plenty of time before the train to Palermo was to leave at 10:49 a.m., we decided to take a short bike-sightseeing tour through Rome.

To show you I am not lying, here is the picture of my two “accompanying daughters” Sophie and Maresa (the two others are currently somewhere else touring the world) in front of the Colosseum.

It is quite a surprise how much of Rome you can see in 1.5 hours if you go by bike. There is plenty of exciting and impressive to see. All those places, parks, edifices, streets, the multi-coloured life. It is just great.

But eventually we had to return to the railway station – Roma Termini. After all, we want to go to Naples.

Our last view of Rome was the wonderfully beautiful tram, right in front of the railway station. We saw it shortly before our departure.

As far as the train to Naples was concerned, we were not quite as lucky as before. Initially, it was to have departed at 10.49 a.m. from platform 13. Then they said platform 12.

When we had stowed our luggage and bikes halfway decently, the train had to be emptied of all passengers again. The replacement train to Naples was to depart at 11.04 a.m. from platform 29.

So we took our bikes and all our luggage and went to platform 29. Like at Munich central railway station, platform 29 is situated apart from the central area. Except that, in Rome, the way there is considerably longer than in Munich. Besides, it is a lot warmer in Rome than in Munich.

Which meant that we really perspired when we had to move. Instead of 11.04 a.m., we eventually departed at 11.40 a.m., which meant we arrived at Naples one hour late.

Regardless, there was still time enough in Naples for another sight-seeing tour. We went through the famous small alleys, up and down the hills. As a reward, we ate delicious pizzas (along with even more delicious wine). After the meal, we continued.
The train to Salerno was on time. To make up for it, all the doors were open – both between the passenger’s compartments and the control cabinets and the rear pilot’s seat.

At least, that presented me with the opportunity to take some interesting photographs (with Mount Vesuvius as a shadow):
And because it was so nice – here is another one:

Yes, here I am all by myself sitting in the rear pilot’s seat of the FS train in Bella Italia. For a change, I had the chance to take a picture of the way behind the train.

Regardless, we arrived save and sound. Here is another proof: a picture of my female travelling companions standing on the patio of today’s hotel.

From left to right, you see Barbara, Sophie and dancing Maresa!

Greetings to all my friends!

(Translated by EG)

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