Two More Days – And I Forgot About the Dresscode!

Ref.: Thirty Years of InterFace AG Party

Unfortunately, like with any other project, I also made some mistakes when planning our party. One of those mistakes is that I forgot to mention and publicly announce the “dress code”. Mind you, there are only two more days until the party! What a shocking discovery!

This poor performance of mine already gave rise to some gossip in the “InterFace Kitchen”: “Men have to wear shorts” or “sportive/elegant” or even “solemn/ ceremonial”. However, all those rumours are wrong!

In the hope that it is never too late, I am now quickly making up for my omission and publishing the “official dress code” of the 30-years-of-Interface party:

We want a colourful party we can all enjoy! Nobody should suffer because of what she or he is wearing. And one of the results of our party will be a special photographic work of art by the successful media-artist Wolf. N. Helzle. Consequently, the party will also be a photo and video party.

In other words:

There are two rules to the dress code:

1. Everyone should wear what he or she feels most comfortable wearing!

2. Diversity and originality are welcome!

Everything is permitted and you can feel free to be beyond what is generally considered suitable (except if you wish to violate the moral code of conduct, but in our circles nobody would think of doing that, anyway).

In other words: if you feel like masquerading, then this is what you can do. People wearing their dinner jacket, business costumes or suits with satin ties are just as welcome as those wearing Bavarian or other Traditional Costumes. Both genders are permitted to show skin (shorts and skirts, midriff-bearing tops are beautiful) and their tattoos. We also look forward to shrill football costumes – even if your colours represent a team that has not passed the qualification round -, as much as to the IF logo discreetly painted on your cheek.


There is no dress code. Except that you should feel really comfortable. However, if someone wishes to wear something special for the special occasion, I will be very happy. In that case, I would ask you to do what you wanted to do with courage and joy.
The organizational team is looking forward to a wonderful party with all our visitors.

(Translated by EG)


Well, I have not yet decided what to wear: my Italian satin suit, the shorts with the beer t-shirt, the SpVG sports costume … ?

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