Travel Journal PALERMO #1 The Journey is the Reward

Tonight, we start another vacation riding our bikes. Consequently, here is a new travel journal of mine. We go to Palermo, so that is how I will call my travel journal. Let us start with Palermo #1.

Yet, basically the goal is not Palermo. The actual goal is the journey. We will ride to Palermo via Rome, starting at Ottobrunn. I would like to spend the first leg until Rome sleeping.

From there, we take the CNL 485. It is scheduled to depart from platform 12 at 9.03 p.m. with the destination of Rome. That means we can spend around 12 hours lolloping in the beds of our sleeping compartment. In Roma, we will board a train to Naples, from where another train takes us to Salerno. And then we will start riding our bikes.

There are four of us. We had planned to ride as a couple – just Barbara and yours truly. But then Maresa wanted to come, too, and all of a sudden, Sophie also wanted to join us. Well, we are flexible, aren’t we? So now I will spend the next ten days in Southern Italy with three young ladies. I already look forward to seeing all those envious Italians.

The direction is simple. We always go south. Perhaps we will manage to spend two or three days on Sicily, as well. And maybe we can even see Mount Etna from up close.

On Thursday, April, 10th, we will have finished riding our bikes. In the evening, a ship will wait for us in Palermo. It will take us to Civitavecchia during the night. From there, it is a stone’s throw to Rome, where we hope to board the train CNL 484 to Munich at 7.03 p.m.

But now it is about time for me to finish. The bikes are already packed, sitting on the driveway. We will start in less than an hour. We are (still) lazy and take the S-Bahn train at 7.47 p.m. to Munich Central station from Ottobrunn.

Well, and as soon as I have internet access again and after I will have taken a few nice pictures, you will get PALERMO #2. Let us wait and see what lies ahead…

(Translated by EG)
And there will also be an April-Fool’s joke tomorrow.

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