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And again: they are practicing at InterFace – in our kreatIF …

The Torturmtheater Sommerhausen will open the 2014 season with a new, exciting piece from Canada! Again, the rehearsals take place at our Unterhaching building.

For “Fast Perfekt” (An Almost Perfect Thing) by Nicole Moeller, the actors Katharina Friedl, Alexander Diepold and Sven Schöcker have already been our guests for several weeks. Under director Oliver Zimmer, they are now preparing for the premiere on April, 3rd, at 20.00 hours in Sommerhausen.


Here is what the play is about:

A girl disappears. Just like this. Without any trace. Years later, she re-appears out of nowhere – by now she is a young, beautiful woman.
The police, but above all the media and press hurl themselves at Chloe. A huge field of speculations is wide open, because she is not prepared to tell anybody who had abducted her.

proben_IV_Internet-sommerhausenShe wants to tell her own story – not the story of her tormentor. For her, this is essential for survival. In order to do so, Chloe asks a young journalist who, even at the time of her disappearance, had reported about it. She trusts him. He is permitted to write her story as an exclusive. But she dictates the conditions.

Three persons are inescapably trapped within a story, and yet each one of them has his or her own perspective, his or her own version of the truth, his or her own story. It is important for each of them to remain in control, but who does actually control whom?

proben_I_Internet-sommerhausenSome parallels between Chloe’s life in the isolation of violence and the so-called freedom in their new world of media give you pause. In both fields, it is all about dependency, power and love. Even the two men seem to be terrifyingly exchangeable within these patterns.

With an unerring feeling for power play, the young Canadian writer Nicole Moeller created the play An Almost Perfect Thing. It is both impressive and disquieting, not just focussing on the sensationalism of the case, but laying open a view of deep abysses.

With this play, Nicole Moeller won the renowned Edmonton Sterling Award for the most outstanding piece of 2011.

I cannot be there for the premiere on April, 3rd – but I will go and see the drama on Saturday at the Sommerhausen Torturmtheater.

An Almost Perfect Thing will be played regularly on Tuesdays and Fridays between April, 3rd and May, 24th at 4.30 p.m. and 7 p.m.  For ticket reservation from 4 p.m., please call 09333-268 or send an email to: E-Mail.

(Translated by EG)

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