The Country Needs New Knowledge

… and so does the enterprise 3.0

I am currently preparing a presentation on “knowledge in social systems”. After all, as I see it, enterprises are just one variant of social systems with an economical goal and generally special dependency-structures that have been regulated by legislation in a particularly elaborate way (I am trying to use an unbiased formulation here).

My first thesis in said presentation is that “new knowledge” has to be

  • Free of dogmata; and
  • Free of truth claim.

Knowledge is changing all the time. “Knowledge gained from life”, in particular, can always only be a snapshot. It changes all the time and always only has limited validity.

Well, it sounds a matter of course, but yet it is too often not lived up to.

My second thesis is that we will only be able to do this

  • In an environment of transparency; and
  • If we meet each other at eye-level.

Consequently, knowledge – as well as willingness – can never be caught and locked away in data bases. Instead, it has to be free and changed dynamically through permanent learning.

This is a pity, because knowledge is the most precious of all raw materials we have – not to mention the nice characteristic that it is the only raw material that will increase if you share it.

So what we need is not just an “economy of sharing”, but also “communities that share knowledge”. And we also have to dramatically change the way in which we share knowledge.

And this is where I still see no end of contradictions with still current but totally antiquated system rules and transfer practices, as well as with our economy-oriented way of thinking.

Knowledge must at long last be liberated!

Consequently, I will write about “new and free knowledge” more often in the future.

(Translated by EG)

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