The Burning Thorn Bush

A short time ago, I saw “Moses” at the Münchner Volkstheater. I was deeply moved by the play. It also activated my knowledge about  “the burning thorn bush on the Horeb Hill“. This episode marks a significant change in religious history, because here was the first time God made a pact with his “chosen people“ – at least that is how the story is interpreted by the humans. And ever since then, the traditional and often so-called “holy“ stories of human history are characterized by a God who plays the role of an alliance partner with your own interests or group.

In my book, however, the very idea of a “chosen people” drives me crazy. I think of a terrible analogy with our late history. After all, we, too, ran after a maniac less than a hundred years ago. He claimed to lead a race of superior beings into a thousand-year future, as was befitting for said race. And in doing so, he caused endless misery. Perhaps he, too, heard a ”burning thorn bush“ speak to him at some time in his life?

And there is no end to insanity. Tanks are blessed by military priests. Suicide murderers blast themselves into the sky in the name of God. And God is constantly called the alliance partner with their own interests. This is the exact opposite of a world full of love, respect and honour. And in the “Holy Land”, the situation is more complicated than ever before …

All I can recommend to you is: go and see Moses at the Volkstheater. And in a few days, I will tell you about my own religious experiences when I was between nine and ten years old.

(Translated by EG)

The picture is part of the press release (Pressematerial) submitted along with the play. It belongs to the Münchner Volkstheater. The copyright is with the photographer Arno Declair.

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