The bavarian blues.

Like in the past years, we went to the “Lustspielhaus“ on Christmas Day in order to recuperate from the festivities.

It is a tradition of long standing for Willy Michl to give a show there on this day. This time, our party consisted of: Barbara, Sabine and Basti, Sophie and Rolo with his camera!

The spirits had decreed that Willy had no microphone. For the ex-champion, however, that is not something he lets himself get annoyed about. On the contrary: he just goes ahead and sings “unplugged”. And he truly enjoys it, too.

For him, there is only one message: Respect, Honour and Love. He conjures up the Red-Indian virtues, makes us feel we are bob-sledding and revives the Bavarian Tribal Chief Franz-Josef.

For us, he plays the Isar-Blues. The never-ending blues. He describes the freedom of the river that has been pushing the pebbles before its waters for zillions of years..

Of course, the “Pupplinger Au“ features prominently. Along with all the beautiful Isar-Red-Indian-Squaws lying there in the nude. In the evening, when they come to see his concert, they are all so beautiful. After all, he already saw them in the nude. How beautiful…

He sings about Wanka-Tanka, Johnny B. Good and his Blues-Warriors, about father Sun, the eternal provider of life. About the Karwendel mountains and the Hammersbach Alms. About eternal glaciers and about Katmandu, about dreams and bubbles. About the mountaineering club which by rights should have been forbidden a long time ago because of its criminal activities. And about the beauty of the Alps.

In between, he sings Christmas Carols with the children sitting in the room. First, they sing “Leise rieselt der Schnee” and then the unavoidable Silent Night.

Mr Leibinger and the pear that found its way through the classroom to end up under the spectacles of the best in the class. Miss Tearson (is that the correct orthography?) who beautifully rhymes “Aoschen“ with Ocean (because she is endowed with a particularly nice specimen) and her lascivious “Wipe the board, Leibinger”.

Naturally, the trip to Amsterdam (where all the gangsters live) cannot be left out. Willy is exactly 11 days older than yours truly. Consequently, I have known him since I started living near Munich. I saw him play with Sigi Schwab, Olav Kübler, George Greene, Peter Schneider and many more.

And then comes  the highlight.

Old man Angerer, master of the Isar floats, who is by now a little over-ripe, told him he always had to play it:
The unique ISARFLIMMERN (once again: here).

And Willy plays it. Just like he did a long time ago when, accidentally,  Heiner Geisler and Max Streibl sat in the beer garden near the mill when he passed by  on the Angerer Float. At the time, Streibl and Geisler had applauded him when, just like today, he demanded that “the Isar water must again become drinkable water from its spring right to its water mouth“.

Willy is someone for whom singing is a passion. On stage, he gives all he has. He tells us about the good times and the bad times. About his sins and the hard times and the great wonders of nature. And always about love and freedom.

Some way or other, it is not possible to do anything better on Christmas Day than go and see Willy at the Lustspielhaus. Let us meet there in 2012!

(Translated by EG)

For more information on Willy Michl you will, of course, want to visit Wikipedia. And what is very important: all the pictures were taken by Rolo Zollner. If you click on the pictures, you will see really nice images!

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