The Arcis-Vocalisten will sing Mozart – the “Requiem”.

A short time ago, I watched the Arcis-Vocalisten perform. It was in the Loisach-Halle in Wolfratshausen.

Along with numerous soloists (among them “Stofferl” of the Well-Brothers), the wonderful orchestra “Ensemble Nymphenburg” and the great Irschenhausener Brass Band, they staged an enchanting performance of Johann Strauß’s “The Bat” under Thomas Gropper. I was truly thrilled – not just because Evelyn (EG) was one of the choir singers.

MozartYet the “Arcis-Vocalisten” will not sit down and rest. Because only a rolling stone gathers no moss.

Consequently, the Arcis-Vocalisten will sing Mozart’s Requiem on November, 1st at 7 p.m. in the Herkules-Saal of the Munich Residence. They will be accompanied by the L´Arpa festante Orchestra and the soloists are Monika Mauch (Soprano), Ulrike Malotta (Mezzosoprano), Andreas Hirtreiter (Tenor) and Martin Burgmair (Basso). Again, the conductor will be Thomas Gropper.

»Mozart’s music is so pure and beautiful that I consider it the inner beauty of the universe.« 
(Albert Einstein)

In Mozart’s mysterious legacy, his last work and masterpiece “Requiem”, both his firm belief in God and his constant attempt at coming to terms with death are always present. Consequently, when Graf Walsegg of Stuppach commissioned the Requiem in July 1791, Mozart wrote his own requiem.
Numerous legends surround the work. You will also find them in the “Amadeus” film. The Requiem is one of the most stirring works of religious music ever written and generally considered unique and fascinating mostly because of its religious depth and narrative drama.

»I smell the taste of death on my tongue. I feel something that is not of this world.« 
(Wolfgang Amadeus Mozarts – his last words on Dec, 5th, 1791)

(Translated by EG)

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