Start up (10) – The Conciliatory Ending.

But, please, do not forget: not everybody must become an entrepreneur! There are lots of other ways towards happiness

If you wish to live your life in self-responsibility, it is not necessary for you to become an entrepreneur. Just like in “real life”, an entrepreneur, too, will be subjected to plenty of control from outside, perhaps only in a different form. Perhaps it is even harder to bear.

”Be willing and able to live your life in a self-responsible way” as an important definition of “living freedom” is quite possible in other ways, as well. All it means is to “do your own thing”, start exciting enterprises (not necessarily companies), or simply live your own life in a very intense and autonomous way. In other words: you want to make your life “your own project”.

It might be something as banal as starting your own family. In fact, I admire the decision of a woman to have a baby as true entrepreneurship. A life led in a very conscious way is already entrepreneurship at a huge scale. Developing your own opinion consciously is entrepreneurship…

Yet there are many more sensible things you can do that are entrepreneurial. It might be the support of an NGO or taking responsibility in all kinds of social systems – be it at the “Tafel” or in one of the often accused political parties. In fact, they are exactly the places where some good and autonomously emancipated-thinking persons would be badly needed.

Basically, it is always about taking responsibility. Consequently, I consider the school crossing guard just as much an entrepreneur as the retired manager who accompanies a dying person on his final journey in the hospice.

Writing a blog or being part of an internet community is a form of courageous entrepreneurship. Just as being part of a barcamp is also already entrepreneurship on a small scale.

And this is where, of course, I warmly recommend the PM-Camp – the next one will take place in Dornbirn between November 20th and 22nd, 2014!!!
(Translated by EG)

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