Soon to Be: Dornbirn PM Camp

logo-dornbirnAgain, the Dornbirn PM Camp is supposed to be a great event. The orga team: Eileen, Eberhard, Marcus, Stefan and yours truly very much wish for this. We want all participants to make many new experiences on the PM Camp and, as every year, we want you all to go back home especially satisfied with what you did.

In order to make our wish come true, I will be permitted to say a few things on the first day after the impulse presentation by Gebhard Borck and before the “barcamp rules” are repeated and the subsequent session is shaped.

Here is what I plan to say:

In November 2011, the first Dornbirn PM Camp took place. The initiative had lain with Kornelia Hietmann, Dr. Eberhard Huber, Jens Hoffmann, Dr. Marcus Raitner, Dr. Stefan Hagen and myself.

Since then, the PM Camps found their way into many towns, based on a rather strong “grass root movement”. PM Camp, however, is not an institution and consequently is not after making a profit. In a PM Camp, people who like sharing their knowledge make acquaintances and friends. They will meet totally free and without constraints!

Again, we want all the participants to go home and enjoy the rest of the weekend after the Camp totally happy and content. In order to make this come true to the best possible extent, let me voice a few requests for us all:

  • We all wish to spend the next few days at eye-level. Consequently, we propose that everybody thou and thee everybody else.
  • Be considerate and friendly – do not give enmity a chance!
  • Treat the other party with respect, as you would wish to be treated with respect!
  • Initially accept other ideas as they are!
  • Give a trust advance and avoid making others look small!
  • And even if you are ever so enthusiastic about your own discoveries: do not forget to “listen”!

This sound a little like morals – but that is not what is intended. On the contrary! What we want is a totally free and unrestricted PM Camp party. Two days we enjoy together and from which to take home as much as possible. Positive emotions, retrospection and enlightenment, friendships!

Neither is a PM Camp a fair or a display of products. Consequently, we would like to ask you to not abuse the sessions for product or service adverts.

Most importantly: we all want to feel really well. Consequently, it makes sense to avoid all that might be destructive. Why not enjoy the trust and tolerance of all of us, just like you give them back to us?

PM Camp has become a huge movement. Many will also participate from a distance. Here are two more requests:

  • Do a lot of constructive twittering!
  • Wherever suitable, write a short documentation of your session for openPM!

This would be nice because it might lead to us perhaps having a few more barcamps in 2015, for instance in Bremen, Dresden, Hamburg, Leipzig or even totally other places!

Now let me wish you all a lot of joy and fun – simply two wonderful days. 

Well, this is approximately what I have in mind.

(Translated by EG)


I already wrote a few PM Camp articles some time ago. Here are the links:

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barcamps und PM-Camp (2) – warum sie so erfolgreich sind.

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Barcamps und PM-Camp (4) – Twittern gehört dazu.

Barcamps und PM-Camp (5) – Regeln.

Here, I relate my personal experience and why I am such an enthusiastic PM Camper. Read my 
life-long education story – Personality Promotion, Seminars, Workshops, barcamps (Weiterbildungsstory – Perönlichkeitsförderung, Seminare, Workshops, barcamps.).

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