Seven Utopian Ideas – Seven Theses for the Future.

Since so much I do not understand is happening all the time, I will now write down a few utopian ideas I like very much, indeed. And I am determined to develop a few ideas on each of those utopian concepts that justify and explain why I, personally, do not consider them all that unrealistic.

  • Penalty-Free Society
    It would be nice if there were (almost) no jails. If we could organize living together without having to punish. If we refrained from revenge and instead were to try and prudently minimize the social damage.
  • Violence-Free Society
    What about a society free of physical violence against each other, where regions and peoples can live side by side without wars? It would be nice to treat animals and nature in a reasonable way. It would be nice to have a community where opposing ideas could be dealt with at eye-level in a “domination-free and fair discourse”.
  • Democratic, Tolerant and Transparent Society without Fundamentalism, Dogmas and Taboos
    Education and enlightenment will counter fundamentalism, dogmas and taboos. It is the only way to find and further develop a shared, humane concept of society. Transparency is the requirement for a common way of thinking and deciding, for achieving new insights through consensus. And tolerance is the Ultima Ratio. Intolerance should only be permitted against intolerance, and even there it should be used with extreme caution.
  • A Society of Sharing and Belonging
    I would wish to have a free society. I society where ownership is reasonably distributed and private property is regulated in a responsible and differentiated way. Which includes a particularly sensitive view of “intellectual property”. As far as possible, it should be shared as general knowledge.
  • Humane Economy
    I would wish to have an economy that is not powered by the great financial mechanisms and where all activities and behavior is not determined by profit. An economy that is free from lobbyism and the main purpose of which is to provide humans with products and services that make sense (like, for example, it says in the Bavarian Constitution). I would wish to see an economy where enterprises the goal of which is less profit optimization and more an increase of the common good are appreciated.
  • Media Free of Marketing
    Why are the media always dominated by marketing? Why do I get two units of brainwashing along with one unit of information? Why do some elements think I am so incapable and take me for someone who cannot make up his own mind about his needs? Why does all the world want to manipulate me for their own advantage and my own disadvantage?
  • Soft and Rational Mobility
    How nice would it be to have a mobility without constantly being in a rush and having to fight? Without evil smells and noise? A mobility that serves a purpose, instead of providing us with an emotional arena for ego-boost and self-portrayal? Without burning fossil raw materials? Slower and yet more efficient.

You will say I am a dreamer – but I counter with citing John Lennon in the last paragraph of his “Imagine”:

You may say I am a dreamer
But I’m not the only one

I hope someday you’ll join us
And the world will be as one

And let me remind you of all those utopian ideas that used to be considered totally unrealistic, yet today are a matter of course: women’s vote, violence-free education of children and much more.

(Translated by EG)

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