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If you do not know PM Camp, just search for #pmcamp! For the latest IF Blog article on #pmcamp click here.

The first PM Camp 2011 at Dornbirn resulted in a “movement”. At irregular intervals, I now write IF Blog reports on PM Camps. I also support #pmcamp as best I can.


This March, the “Core PM Camp Team”, again, worked on a vision. We would like to have many good PM Camps in D-A-CH, and later, perhaps, even world-wide. It was a very constructive meeting. In a concise and yet very thorough way, we decided upon our values, task and mission.

The meeting itself was just as fascinating as both the PM Camp 11 at Dornbirn (#pmcamp11) and the PM Camp 12 at Vienna (#pmcamp12vie) had been.

Today, I am telling you about the guidelines we agreed to want to live up to:

“Humans are not resources!”
(This is all about humans, not resources)

”Treat others as you want to be treated by them!“
(Golden Rule)

“Let your own life unfold and help others to make their life unfold in as many dimensions as possible!”

“Future is female!”
(Women and men co-operate)

Well – so what can I say? I rather like all four of the guidelines!

So much the more I am happy about having met a friend in Zurich last week. He, too, wants to initiate a PM Camp in Switzerland. Perhaps in or around Zurich. Potential candidates for a location are Winterthur and St. Gallen. Consequently, I already look forward to #pmcamp2013ch (or something similar).

And next autumn, we also want to start something at InterFace. This year is still too early for a PM Camp in Munich. But preparatory to #pmcamp13muc, I will try to organize an event late in 2012:

“PM Camp meets Munich“

How about a motto like: “Best of PM Camp”. We can organize it all along with a technological IF Forum for our friends and partners.

And who knows – maybe I will actually find a few supporters for the Munich PM Camp 2013? What a nice idea!

(Translated by EG)

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