“Non-Smoker Protection in Bavaria?” or “The Referendum!”

Yesterday, I put down my name for the non-smoker protection referendum. Mind you, I would not force anybody to stop smoking. Being an ex-smoker myself, I do not want to put anybody on leading strings, either, least of all smokers.

At InterFace, we also have a smoker’s room, even though it actually causes quite a bit of inconvenience for non-smokers. And once in a while, you also hear someone or other nagging others about their cigarette breaks. However, our consolation is that smoking is a very communicative affair.

Nevertheless, I put my name down for the referendum. It was an emotional decision. I did if for two totally personal and probably absolutely unimportant reasons.

  • I enjoy listening to music live. In former times, I often went to the “Podium” in Schwabing and other music pubs. Regardless of massive smoking in the pubs, I enjoyed the music very much. Except that I hung up my clothes in the fresh air as soon as I was back home – and wondered the next morning how it was possible that they could still smell so abominably. Then came the time of non-smoking legislation, and the air was smoke-free. I got used to the nice clean air. Until the smoker’s clubs were started. I tried two more times, in the Smoker’s Club Music Pub. But I simply could no longer do it. So now there is no longer any Rock’n’Roll, Boogie or Blues live for me. However, I do not want to do without live music. I want to be able to go back to the “Podium”.
  • Well, and then there are the “Southern-European Countries”. I fail to understand why here in Germany it should be impossible to manage something that has become absolutely self-evident for Greeks, Italians and Spaniards.

But there are enough rational reasons why putting down your name makes sense, for example protection of the youth and protection of employee’s health. Smoking is “out”. Why should a minority be allowed to terrorize a majority? That is especially true in public places, where non-smokers, too, would like to go once in a while.
And for non-smoker protection, the same is true as everywhere: simple rules are better than complicated regulations.

Consequently, I support the old Bavarian non-smoker protection, and that includes banning half-hearted smoker’s clubs!

(Translated by EG)

Incidentally, I have no problem with smokers meeting in men’s clubs and relishing their cigarettes in social comfort. That is something I consider cultivated. Yet, I would certainly be seen there very seldom, and I would refuse to work in such a place.

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