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Here are some basic considerations on CLOUD & Kindle, data and information protection.

Having been born to an ambitious mother, I learned to read (too?) early. Consequently, I discovered books (too?) early in life.
It was great to read books. I could read quite fast. Consequently, the book was always done, even though nothing had been done to it. So I re-read it.

And then I discovered a library nearby. My first CLOUD!

My mother was afraid I might catch bacteria or viral infections. Because, after all, the books had been touched by so many hands. My father, on the other hand, was afraid I might read the wrong kinds of things and then get the wrong kinds of ideas. He actually blackened the “communist” terms before handing me a GDR thesaurus to learn with. No kidding!

But it did not help. I turned heretic regardless. Consequently, I have a slightly “strange” attitude when it comes to information protection, data security and data protection.

Is information and data not like books you have read or stories you heard? You should hand them down, instead of locking them up! Is it really better if we keep our knowledge and our experience to ourselves? Aren’t they totally useless if that is what we do? Doesn’t it all only gain value through me making it known?

Should I really keep the book of my own life strictly confident? Isn’t it more that what I really want is for as many people as possible to share my life and read the book of my life? Is not that how it gains value and becomes my testimonial?

What is that anyway – personal data?

Don’t we worry about things in a really irrational way? This terrible fear about personal data is just as mad as the fuss they make about Cloud.

I love my Kindle. But its best feature is that I need not remember a password in order to log into it.

(Translated by EG)

The “patriot act” they always mention in the context of Cloud is also nonsense. In fact, it is double nonsense. The act as such, as well as the fuss they make. But that is another totally different story.

🙂 Now imagine Jesus actually lived. But nobody knew about it. Depending on where you stand, you could call this good news or bad. Of course, this is also nonsense.
Or imagine Jesus was a blogger and on facebook?
Open the archives! 
And put them into CLOUD

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