My Agile Manifesto …

🙂 … it might look like this or similar:

The more I think about “acting and behaving in an agile way”, the more I believe it to be a basic principle that makes the difference between the “old world” and the “new world”.

Consequently, “AGILE” might well be the next logical step after “enlightenment” and “using your brains”. Being AGILE also means you have to move consciously all the time between the two opposing ends individuality (what do I want, what can I do, what am I permitted to do,…) and the collective (what do we want, what can we achieve, what are we allowed to do,…).

“AGILE” describes our wish to live our lives in freedom – which, at this place, means “being prepared and capable of living your life in responsibility”. At the same time, you have to follow the principle “promote your own and the life of others, rather than reducing them”.

Being “AGILE” means knowing how to deal with responsibility. Being in favour of what change we need and opposed to what change is detrimental for us.

Being “AGILE” also includes the wish to increase your knowledge and then being able to apply them.  Naturally, models and approaches, methods and concepts are an important result of additional knowledge. …

Consequently, in order to become “AGILE”, we will constantly have to learn new things, do things we are not used to, try strange things and collect experience. We have to understand and comprehend how processes in our social systems function. Thus, the “integrative and systemic understanding” of our enterprises will become the requirement for successful “leadership”.

This is it for now in a nutshell …

I was motivated to write this outpouring on agility by an article in openPM by Stefan Hagen.

(Translated by EG)


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