Mind Splitting on Work I – More and More People Work More and More!

_MG_6101 Kopie:-)The latest Brandeins motivated me to, once again, start thinking about work.

I notice that more and more people work more and more, regardless of reduced working hours and working legislation.

Even in my own family, there are now two people who work more than an average of twelve hours on a minimum of five days a week. My son leaves home with me, which is rather early. Yet he returns home when I already lie down to sleep. And my oldest daughter is also busy for her employer all the time.

Well, you will say they are all counsellors or managers. But I notice that people holding ordinary jobs, too, work more and more. There are some people who, after a nine-hour workday, start their 4-hour secondary job. Not to mention all the people who, when they return home from work, start construction work on their house or honorary work.

That is not good. It is especially bad if a person escapes into work life in order not to feel the inner emptiness. And it is even worse if someone has to work so much in order to exist. Or else if happiness is reduced to (unnecessary) consumption, which often does more harm than good.
A considerable part of our work is blind work. That is a pity.

I have some friends who spent their whole lives being so busy as managers that they never noticed their own children. When the children had left home, they were surprised to hear that they had children at all. Some of them compensated for the loss by being excellent grandfathers to their grandchildren. A good friend of mine was so emotionally moved he even wrote a (very nice) book for his grandson.

I think for the right measure of work, the sentence “less is more” is also true.

In personality promotion seminars, you often hear the following sentence:

You can only love others if you first love yourself.

You can vary this sentence by exchanging the verb in at your heart’s desire. It always remains valid. For instance, take do good instead of love. You might as well take protect, understand, appreciate and much more.

And the sentence is also valid if you insert have time.

That is why everybody should have a little time for himself after work.

(Translated by EG)

A short time ago, I read an interview in the SZ of the weekend with a famous manager who used to be an entrepreneur himself. When he was asked the difference between an entrepreneur and a manager, he replied that an entrepreneur is permitted to work less than a manager, because for an entrepreneur, the creative part is more important.
:-)Now, am I happy that I identify more with the entrepreneur!

There is also a nice story in the IF blog on this topic:  Der Blumentopf

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