Meat Loaves, Cigarettes, Sugardaddy, the Flight to Bali, and all in EURO.

Yesterday, I went to see “Sugardaddy” in the “Residenztheater”. Sugardaddy is played by Jörg Hube, the woman at his side is Beatrix Doderer, and the piano player is Hans Joachim Friedl. It was an “oldie-softy” type of program, wanting to hurt nobody and, above all, playful and tender. When Jörg Hube played the “Herz-Kasperl” with his “Biograffl” several years ago, he cut deeper. But it was still a nice evening. There was much to smile at and laugh about and there were many beautiful songs. Perhaps the program was a little more insignificant than theatre is supposed to be. It was simply a nice and stress-free end to a long workday through swinging light entertainment.

We went by S-Bahn from Unterhaching (departure time 19:06) to Marienplatz via Ostbahnhof. The train fare is included in the theatre ticket, which is also a strange issue: if, for example, you buy the “Theatercard” for the “Kammerspiele”, the part of the price that is included for the fare is more than the admittance to the theatre on the cheaper seats. If you come from outside Munich, you could get a bargain buying cheap theatre tickets, because it means you save MVV costs.

On the Marienplatz, I suddenly remember the hunger I had totally forgotten at work. I am standing in the middle of the Viktualienmarkt and butcher Klobeck is open until 7.45 p.m., so I buy a meat loaf roll. To be on the safe side, I select a 5-Euro bill in order to pay, then comes the pleasant surprise: the meat loaf roll is only 1.50 Euros! On the Viktualienmarkt. I mean, this is really cheap. I would never have imagined this, so the roll tastes twice as good. After all, I had just heard earlier that the price for cigarettes will be 4.50 Euros per packet starting September 2009. That means 50 cents more than now – but there will also be two more cigarettes in the packet! We are talking 9 Deutsche Marks for one packet of cigarettes! Unbelievable. You could get three meat loaf rolls for one packet of cigarettes. You could probably live quite well on three meat loaf rolls and a packet of Marlboros each day, which would cost 9 Euros. Add a litre of beer from the Oktoberfest!
After the theatre program, I meet Paolo. My friend Paolo comes from Italy. We play soccer together. He tells me that he bought a ticket for a flight to Bali at 4.99 Euros.

To be sure, in the end the flight is 49 Euros, but that is only because of airport and kerosene fees. Speaking about kerosene – hasn’t the price for kerosene fallen? However, there is no kerosene discount. On the other hand, I do understand that an airport is an expensive affair. There is plenty of space that needs to be heated. With German bus stations in mind, I am not sure that we need all this heated airport space. On our bus stations, it is pretty cold in winter. But bus stations are probable for the poorer people.

By the way: Sugardaddy is about getting older. Homes for the elderly are expensive and mostly worse than cheap flights. Thus, our only consolation is the meat loaf roll. I am afraid it will not continue to cost 1.50 Euros for very long.

(translated by EG)

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