Make Distinctions without Causing Separation! #PMCampDOR 2016

pmcamp-logo-dornbirnAfter the PM Camp is before the PM Camp. That is also true for the original #PMCampDOR team. They will again open their doors on November, 18th and 19th, 2016. In 2015, the Dornbirn topic was “Breaking Patterns”. Perhaps we simply wanted to counteract the growing complexity and dynamics that we find so confusing.

Today, it is easier for us to see how many options we have. We develop at high speed on a daily basis, the speed of learning increases. Thanks to the information society, we can see far beyond the horizon and can extend our limited image of the “world”. This fills our hearts and brains more than ever.

We also no longer refuse to accept the simple understanding that the future cannot be predicted. Just like we see more and more clearly that humans are basically not the crown of creation but just a small part thereof and that our microcosm, which is so very important to us, is basically just an illusion we constructed ourselves and totally subconsciously.

We now accept that, for many centuries, we made the mistake of believing our cerebellum could understand everything and that we could decide rationally based on our knowledge. And we notice that the huge majority of our knowledge and experiences is basically not simply retrievable at our convenience. Instead, it will turn up in an almost sinister way.

In particular, we notice that our decisions are not based on ratio. Instead, our ratio will provide us with reasons and justifications afterwards. Slowly, we leave the path that led us astray and made us believe that we are the masters of our behaviour and thus can be held responsible. We will then use the new technologies to start going towards the true dimension of social inter-dependence.

In order to survive in this new life, we will probably have to discover and make use of differences and contradictions. It will not help us to simplify or trivialize if we want to live in peace with ourselves and thus be content. This is the requirement for learning to do without enemy images and for having social peace with nature and other persons. What we need to do is accept matters as they are and stop differentiating and classifying.

(Translated by EG)

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