Last Friday, the advisory board of the “ISARNETZ“ met for the first time. Between May, 7th and May, 13th, 2012, ISARNETZ will organize the first Munich WebWeek. It is supposed to help making innovative powers more visible and linking them in this region. In order to make Munich and Upper Bavaria again more attractive for young people.

Because it appears that some German cities, in particular Berlin, have left Munich far behind when it comes to the category “attractive for young people“.

Consequently, I find ISARNETZ a good idea. And I hope the Munich WebWeek will be a success. I am certainly prepared to help it along a little.

Now we have to quickly find a small but refined team that can promote the WebWeek. But: as always, there is the principle: “Nothing goes without money”. The initiators want to get the “funny stuff“. Well, that is quite fine, isn’t it?

This is, however, a chicken-and-egg question. You will only attract sponsors if you have something attractive to offer. Without money, it is a little hard to come up with such an offer.

To prepare for the aforementioned advisory board meeting, a friend of mine did some research on what happens in Berlin. Well, I was surprised – because quite a few things happen in Berlin. They are rather active there.

Especially when we are talking about preparing for innovative and creative entrepreneurship. Berlin and Brandenburg are really into this – and they actually spend quite a bit of money on it, too. And you can already see results. The time has come when venture capital enterprises are no longer the only ones who leave Munich for Berlin.

In the SZ you will find reports about a start-up scene, but in Berlin, rather than in Munich. Of course, the conference was also in Berlin;  re:publica and the Berlin WebWeek are events of long standing – and hugely successful. And they are all massively subsidized by the senate and the state of Brandenburg.

Well, you know, this does not really make sense to me. Each year, Bavaria sponsors Berlin by several billions of Euros through the “Länderausgleich“. And then Berlin uses this money in order to shine more brightly. The enterprises and the people are drawn towards the big party at Berlin financed with Bavarian money. With an additional detrimental effect for Munich? And our State Capital has no money left for promoting the WebWeek. Was that how the entire concept was meant to work out?

Well, it gets difficult. So if you want to help – why don’t you just send an email to the ISARNETZ initiators Thomas Pfeiffer and Wolf Groß? Helpers on an honorary basis are just as much appreciated as creative event managers and, of course, sponsors.

(Translated by EG)

I took the picture of the wall fromt he central media archive Wikimedia Commons it was taken by  Noir

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