Invitation from Barbara and Roland: Summer Party

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June, 24th, 2012   

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June, 24th is Barbara’s birthday. We want to celebrate it. She celebrates because she is still so young, not even 60 yet. We both celebrate because we feel healthy and well. And because we are content with our lot.

We would like to have many of our friends with us. All those who like us and are close to us. We have not yet decided on the exact itinerary for the party. The program is still in its planning phase. But we already know that we will start in the afternoon, at four o’clock.

The end will be around midnight. We want it to be as uncomplicated as possible. With good food and beverages. And with a lot of very special music.

We can easily do without presents or other kinds of gifts. We have all we need. Besides, we will soon move. That will be bad enough without some additional stuff to carry. Owning too much is a true burden, as I am sure will be brought home to us when we move from our huge house to a smaller house.

Consequently, I would ask you to bring nothing. Just bring your good mood. And if you really have to bring something, then only bring something to eat or drink. Such as wine or chocolate. But, please, buy moderately!

Above all, we wish for nice weather. If that is what you bring, you will be more than welcome. Because it would mean we can make good use of our huge garden.

I like many people. Consequently, I will invite many people. Most of the invitations will be sent by email. I will be very diligent about it. Since, however, I am not quite as well organized as I would like to be, I am sure to forget some of you.

There is no doubt that some of the people I am going to forget are quite dear to us. Which makes me truly sad. I would ask those I “forgot” to forgive me. Please do not hold it against me. Instead, why don’t you just invite yourself! Just take all the steps as described underneath.

Here we go: If you feel dear to me and wish to come, please send an email (E-Mail) and put your name here ( I would recommend you write both your first and second name, because I know many people with identical first names. And please do not forget to click on the checkmark – this will make the list nice and green.

I will send invitations starting next Saturday, June, 2nd. But do not hesitate to register right now!

Because we need to plan how many barrels of beer and wine and other beverages we need. And we also have to see that there is enough food.

Now I hope for a warm summer night suitable for a lavish celebration with music, food and drink. And I look forward to seeing you all. If you all come, there is no doubt it will be a nice party!


(Translated by EG)

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