Intra-Company Calendar – or Facebook and Doodle?

The big change!

🙂 Some time ago, I already wrote two articles (here is the link to the first and here the one to the second)  complaining about what rubbish the idea of an intra-company calendar system is.

New tools, such as Facebook (FB) and Doodle confirm my suspicions. For instance, there was a radio broadcast where children were asked what they used FB for. The most frequent answer was “meeting friends“. It economizes on all those many telephone calls.

Well, that is how it is done today: you open an event on the internet, and then your friends come. Telephones are no longer necessary.

Wasn’t it the same with our business meetings? You always invited the parties concerned to the very important meetings. They always came. If it was not all that important, you always had to spend endless hours on the telephone in order to arrange a meeting. And if it was not all that important, you did without the meeting, too. Because you did not feel like spending all those hours on the telephone.

Except if you had a good secretary. She had to call everybody and tell them to be there. But only the bosses could afford that kind of luxury. It also kept our bosses from useless meetings (and saved them from having to answer the phone when it was a nuisance). Weren’t our bosses lucky? Today, only very few have this kind of luxury.

And we have positive itinerary orgies. There are no longer any secretaries to protect us. The few remaining blanks in the calendar are found through outlook or exchange and then even the last free half hour is filled with a Telco. It is hard to say No 

Two weeks later, when said Telco takes place, matters have already developed to make it obsolete. And everybody is bored to death; they read their emails during the meeting and later must do the work in the evening, because they could not do it earlier with all those meetings. It is an atrocity.

A short time ago, I wanted to bring a few people together who are extremely important for me. They are all highly qualified and holding important positions. Entrepreneurs and scientists. It was not easy. One of the scientists came up with the idea: “Why don’t you open a Doodle!” – Just like this was the most common procedure in the world for this kind of arrangement. Well, to live is to learn.

So the internet changes many things. You no longer invite people. Instead, you organize something. You no longer coordinate itineraries. Instead, you meet at an event. All those who can come will be there. And we all determine individually what events we want to attend. And if someone does not want to come, then so be it. And it is always up to yourself if you go there or not. It makes a lot of sense to me! You are no longer the slave of your calendar.

By the way – gentlemen:

Would you like to give your wife access to your calendar? And then have to explain to her why so many things written in there are marked “private” because Huber will find it strange when you meet with MĂŒller? Or why you had a three-hour-discussion about something that was pretty clear from the outset? And in the end she finds out that Mr. MĂŒller actually is a lady 

But I would also like to ask the ladies:

Would you wish to open your calendar to your beloved spouse 

(Translated by EG)

Facebook and similar tools replace emails. If we wait a few more years, the Org tools will have replaced the good old office 

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