IF FORUM 2012 – Our Topic of 2012 is “Living (and Surviving) in a Sustainable Way”

After having paid a visit to philosophy with Klaus-Jürgen Grün talking about “The Art of Thinking Negative” Video) in an IF Forum EXTRA, we will start with our series of presentations:

“Living (and Surviving) in a Sustainable Way”

We will start on Tuesday, April, 17th, with a presentation by Heidi Schiller:

“Black – White – Multi-Coloured”   

Impulses for looking upon this one world a little differently.”

The announcement for the presentation is already online.

Two more presentations are already in the planning stage, but we have not yet decided upon a day.

For the summer presentation, we hope to recruit a speaker who will bring delicacies. She will speak about good and healthy food produced in a sustainable way.

The third presentation in autumn of 2012 will be by Wilfried Bommert of the WDR who also wrote “Kein Brot für die Welt”. He will talk about how the world can be fed in the future.

(Translated by EG)

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