How Would You Cope With the Euro Crisis?

I started a new survey. You can find it right next to this post, on the left column.

There are five possible answers; you can/may select one of them:

  • Keep supporting the Euro – no matter what!
    If you think we should continue in the same way as we started, this is where you want to give your vote. Perhaps your reasoning is as follows:    
Well, it still works, doesn’t it. Nobody can say how long it will continue to function, but it might well be some time before the end – and there has always been some end in history.
  • Re-establish the old currencies in all countries!
    This might be what people doing a lot of IT applications will be in favour of. After all, every IT program has an “undo” button.
  • Instal new currencies on a regional and economic, success-oriented basis!
    Cyberniticists and system analysts will probably tend towards this option. Why not come up with a few artificial currencies for the unified Europe. Let us call them €1, €2, €3, €4 and €5 , along with one „average Euro“ as a converter. You can assign these Euros to countries according to their economic strength and then let it float towards the “average Euro”. Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg would probably get €1, Greece and Berlin €5. And then we can start with the free playing of market powers. This concept would help to equalize the economic and structural differences of Europe’s regions.
  • Deregulate all currencies – the market will find its way out!
    Probably the right choice for people who favour both OpenSource and “free market economy”. From country, region, principality, bank, enterprise to individual person, everyone can create his or her or their own currency. It might be the PayPal dollar, or the Ebay penny, or the Allgäu-Guilder.
  • The BRD and EU politics are the only ones that make sense and they will eventually be a success.
    Of course, this is the answer for all those who believe that the people working on our diverse administrative levels do their job well and control the currency as it should be controlled.

But basically, the only reason I write this article is that I believe you should definitely make yourself an active part of the survey. And I apoligize for having made it a little ironic, polemic and one-sided.
Well, why don’t you move your mouse to the right and click on one of the options. Thanks a lot!

(Translated by EG)

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