How Much Time do You Spend on the Blog?

A friend of mine sent me an SMS:

How much time does it take you every day to write your travel journal for the blog? 
Sincerely …

bild0424Good Question! But it is nowhere near as bad as it seems. By my calculation, I am riding my bike mostly between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m., sometimes longer. Since breakfast is before we start, there is never time for the MacBook in the morning.

As soon as we arrive in a hotel, we unpack and take a shower. Then we stroll through the village and enjoy a leisurly dinner.

After dinner, I read my email if possible – although my equipment is excellent and I have a t-mobile stick for Europe, this is not really as easy as one would think. And then there is a little time left, for example to do some writing instead of reading.


Writing my travel journal is done very quickly. My secret is the yellow book. Whenever I experience something beautiful during the day, I make a short note of it in my yellow book. That makes the whole business simple and efficient.

What is a little time-consuming is editing the pictures. I have to connect the camera and transfer the photos.
I just looked at my watch. So far, this article took me six minutes.

Quality is, of course, a problem. In theory, a lot could be done to improve it, both with the text and the pictures. Even videos could be included! If I wished to improve the quality by 50 per cent, I would have to invest twice as much time. And so on!

🙂 Naturally, that is not an issue if you are travelling as a couple.

So what we have is truly the principle of minimax


🙂 Finished after 10 minutes.

🙂 But this can only be achieved with a first-rate internet connection – for free and excellent! And now I will time wordpress to publish the article tomorrow at 10 a.m. – by which time I will long ago have started riding my bike.

Greetings to all my friends in Munich!

(translated by EG)

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