Entrepreneur’s Diary #114 – Inspiration and Impulses


Meine Wenigkeit mit Prof. Dr. Kathrin Möslein im IF-Forum.
Yours truly and Prof. Dr. Kathrin Möslein at the IF Forum (2010).

I wrote a lot about #leadership in my entrepeneur’s diary. And I introduced terms and topics such as:

•• accountingagile eye-level participation managerial economics burn-out charisma • craftsmanship  thinking • delegating democratic enterprise empathy fairness  error tolerance • flow • common-good economy • business plan  justice law abiding hierarchy holocraty innovation leadership lean capitalisation  clarity  strong communication controlling  management marketing  methods employees employee participation  open participation peer-to-peer review  promotion of personality planning project management quality  respect  scrum  servant leading meaningful goals strategy sovereignty subsidiarity ability to work in a team transparency entrepreneurial culture sharing responsibility  sales  being a model for others values community of values  goals target agreement  capacity to listen to others ••

and probably much more of a similar kind.

Now I suddenly discover that the two probably most important competences a successful entrepreneur must have are still missing:

Inspiration and Impulse

This is especially true if I think back of my own founding phase. We were truly successful because my partner Wolf and I were able to give strong impulses to our newly employed colleagues. And above all because we gave them inspiration.

Basically, it was all about showing the persons who came to us – in fact, they came with high expectations – what spirit underlay our goals (inspiration) and what we could do and where we wanted to end up (impulses). And they understood and really started in a most satisfactory fashion.

And by the time our new employees started to be an inspiration for their own team members and giving impulses of their own, we had won. There was nothing left to stop the team in its tracks.

(Translated by EG)

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